These are not even the recipes, but some quick lunch/dinner ideas. I can live off these salads. I`ve gotten some inspiration from my favorite little lunch spot. They are kind of salad magicians there, always come up with the best combinations possible!

Pumpkin quinoa salad 

Couldn`t be more simple! Just cook quinoa and bake pumpkin chunks with curry seasoning and salt.
Mash a bit of pumpkin and mix with tahini, half lemon squeeze and stir this mixture into cooked quinoa, add more pumpkin slices, pepita seeds, rocket, sprinkle with sesame seeds

Soybean feta salad

Steam edamame beans, broad beans and peas.
In a small bowl mix greek yogurt with crushed feta and a bit of lime squeeze
Toast cashews on a dry non-stick pan over the medium heat
Mix beans and peas with yogurt-feta dressing, add nuts and enjoy :)

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  1. oooh yummy! I will be trying the pumpkin & quinoa one for sure.