Saturday TRX full body workout

This video is featuring 4 moves from my Saturday TRX training, which consisted of 8 moves. This was kind of a circuit training again and I completed it 3 times. No rest in between the moves and no rest in between the circuits.

The circuit description

1. TRX snap jumps 20reps
2. TRX armwalks 10 reps
3. TRX curtsy lunge and knee lift (shown on the video)
4. TRX tricep extensions 20 reps
5. TRX pistol (single leg) squat and reach (shown on the video) 30 reps (15 on each leg)
6. TRX pendulum swings (shown on the video)  26reps
7. TRX reverse mountain climbers 50 reps
8. TRX Handstand and leg press (shown on the video) 10 reps (5 on each leg)

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  1. Thx for article. I'm also the big fan of TRX workouts. But the problem with suspension training is that there are very few good workouts on the internet for this great piece of equipment. I've found this cool videos that I use in my daily routine

  2. Thanks a lot for this! Do you think that you could probably show again how to get into the TRX handstand? I'm always a bit afraid of getting into it. Would be great, thanks loads!!

  3. Hey Dasha! Thank you for this TRX routine! Could you help with trx snap jump? I tried to look it up, and found nothing, and I cannot imagine how to do snap jumps on TRX.

    Thanks in advance!