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After browsing through the instagram comments, feel like I need to explain something here.. Seeing things like ' I`d die if I did this' or even 'I`ll never be able to do this' makes me feeling so confused at first. I mean how can you expect things to come overnight or give up not even trying? Please don`t think it`s something wrong with you if you are not completing the circuits and exercises as 'fast as she does' and don`t compare yourself with others! As long as you keep moving, follow the guide patiently yet passionately, you will get where you want to be eventually! In the beginning of my fitness journey I was weak, was struggling and out of breath all the time.. Feel like I need to tell a bit more about this again (you can also read this post, there are some answers to your questions).
After having a kid in the end of 2012, I was kind of chubby and depressed breastfeeding mama for the whole year after and then in the very beginning of 2014 as if someone has pressed that 'reset' button and I`ve started eating clean, cleared my mind of food addiction (carbs in particular) and tackled the gym. I had the strong desire not to get the best body I ever had, but to get the body I`ll feel 100% comfortable in, just wanted to be totally confident in my own skin. Simply because it was a kind of training I enjoyed the most before having Leon, I`ve hit group classes and was doing only this type of fitness before got to know Kayla a few months later after coming to her bootcamps and then Kayla released Bikini Body Training Guide 2.0 and that was the moment I started doing 'weights' hehe :) Then we purchased TRX and I started mixing the things up after completing BBTG 2.0 and of course still enjoyed doing my group fitness a couple of times a week (you can see this post again, there is a bit more info). Now that all the girls around the globe have teamed up for #thekaylamovement from January 5th, I`m on week 9 of the very first Bikini Body Guide too (you can sign up for the free 7 day trial HERE)

Motivation-wise, the most surefire way to be constantly motivated is to become your own motivation. Like someone has asked on instagram, what are your thoughts during exercise? In the most cases I simply enjoy the music (by the way this could be the most powerful driving force or maybe I love my music way too much haha) and the challenging moves. Or daydreaming and thinking how mind-blowing it is to be able to change your own body dramatically. But what really drives me to push through on the days I`m struggling is the thought how satisfied and proud I will be feeling after, and how hopeless I might feel if gave up and stopped right now in the middle.
And of course, as you might have noticed, I`m a fan of bright colorful activewear as it really pumps you up and adds some superpower :-) Here are some latest finds from my favorite online stores

And answering some other yesterday`s instagram questions

Sore knees/Do your knees hurt ?

Firstly, the proper warm-up is the key. I do a short series of 50 light jumping jacks, jogging on the spot, 15 step touches, bouncing from side to side on the spot.
While performing all the jumping moves make sure you landing softly, don`t lock your knees and begin bending them as soon as your feet contact the ground.
And of course, cool down is a must. Squeeze at least 5 mins of stretch into your workout. Kayla`s guide highlights all the stretching moves you need.

Is it normal that in an arm the muscle looks more than the other one? (or in a leg)

Oh my, that`s the thing I keep wondering about! Like why my left arm doesn`t have the same definition as my right one and why my left leg is a touch bigger than the right haha. So I guess this is completely normal, all the matter of physiology and stuff, however I`m trying to focus on putting a little bit more effort when performing the moves with left arm or leg :)

What weights do you use?

It totally depends on the exercise, like I can do walking lunges and dumbbells squat and press with 5kg dumbbells and instead of the medicine ball (in squat and press of example) I use 10kg kettle bell.

What my training routine looks like now 

Monday BBG
Tuesday Body Attack at Goodlife Gym
Wednesday BBG
Thursday Body Attack
Friday BBG
Saturday either Body Attack or TRX full body circuit
Sunday mostly rest day, sometimes Grit Cardio

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  1. HeyDasha...thank you so much for the videos...the're realllllly helpful!!!!Pls Pls Pls Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase post more nutrition posts (weeks,days...) and pics...the're so inspiring!!!!!
    You are my fitspo...I am working hard,so hope to be as half fit as you are one day...

  2. Даша, подскажите пожалуйста трек из последнего видео!!!

  3. yes please more nutrition tips and weekly/daily meals. But mostly tips, portion sizes etc . Thank you so much

  4. Haha, my left butt and leg seems weaker than my right and so I have started adding extra isolation exercises to strengthen it out :P Love your training videos so much, Dasha. Really a great help and very inspiring. Keep it up :)