full body circuit

This was my last Saturday`s work out, mix of TRX and weights came into this full body circuit of 8 exercises and I repeated it 3 times. 
Here is the list of exercises and number of reps!

1. Deadlift 20kg 20reps
2. TRX armwalk into crunch 10 reps
3. TRX single leg glute bridge 30 (15 reps each leg)
4. TRX leg abduction into pike 15reps
5. Glute bridge with kettlebell 10kg 20 reps - 20pulsers - 20 more reps
6. TRX reverse lateral crunch 20
7. TRX Side plank with leg abductions 30 (15 reps on each side) 
8. 100 skipping 

Repeat 3 times

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  1. Hey Dasha - you are such an inspiration! I had my second baby three weeks ago and seeing how you transformed your life is my biggest motivation :D

    I have a few questions for you:

    - how did you learn to use TRX?
    - why does a wish board need to be kept private (as opposed to a vision board where you put it somewhere prominent in your home so you can see it)?
    - in one of your food posts you mention that you have changed the way you eat again recently - can you explain what you have changed now? I see that you don't have a 'proper' dinner now and I am considering doing the same, it is just too crazy at dinner time now with a toddler and a newborn!!

    Thank you so much xxx

  2. В германии видео не доступно :(((