DASHBODY 10 week training plan


I`m incredibly happy to finalise my first ever training guide! It took me nearly a year cause I was doing everything myself plus juggling mum`s duties, you know :) Anyway it is all done now and can`t hold the excitement! I`ve been doing PT and online training for a while and then after I couldn`t take any more online clients I thought I should definitely come up with something structured and useful. Like this 10 week training plan, that anyone can use. Anywhere :) 

I know like no other what we girls are after - flatter and defined stomach, toned arms, slim legs and perkier butt. After years of trying multiple training styles and exercises out,  I`ve finally put the training plan together. The plan that actually works! The plan you can do either at the gym or at  the comfort of your own home, you will just need some equipment for that!  

We all know how overwhelming the whole ‘gym and fitness’ thing can be. Been there done that! I didn`t know where to start and made quite a few mistakes in past. One of the main things I`ve learnt was that it is so easy to get bored with the same repetitive slow and boring training routine and this inevitably leads to losing motivation and desire to continue exercise regularly. Besides it also does not bring you amazing results that you are after! Of course motivation is not the only thing that you should rely on, but let`s face it - when your training routine is full of different exercises it`s always easier to stick to it. It keeps things exciting, changes your body and inspires you to keep going. 
Variety is always great for every life aspect!

This guide is a 10 week training program with videos of every exercise, which I thought is 
extremely important since I can`t be there next to you (unfortunately!) to demonstrate how to do this or that exercise :) You will be getting five different workouts a week and it`s not easy so I strongly recommend you start off slowly if you are not sure about your fitness levels! 



I`ve also partnered with an Adelaide based nutritionist and she designed a little 4 week sample meal plan for you! It is included in the guide plus I personally shared a few weight loss secrets as well. 

So if you were waiting for the perfect starting point the wait is over :)

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Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Sometimes I think my passion for collecting sneakers is bigger than my fitness passion.
I mean for every life situation there is an appropriate pair of trainers. Am I right or am I right?!
Sports shoes have come a long way from being just gym uniform. Luckily we no longer have to pick either comfort or looks. Thankfully creative and innovative people have taken care of us and keep coming up with the sickest shoes every season. Sometimes I can`t even keep up but mama didn`t raise a quitter!

I`ve been a Nike girl since forever and in my opinion a girl can never have too many sneakers. Turning heads for the right reasons, hey :-P

Last year I was all about bright and bold colours whereas this year it`s more about delicate, subtle and complicated hues.
When I saw these Nike Air Max Thea Flyknit khaki babies I knew I need to get my hands on them.

I own a couple of other pairs of Nike Air Max sneakers, including Thea and classic 90. So I knew  exactly what they`ll be comfy for. Flying around town, brunching, walking along the beach and above all being my crazy self J

Be a badass with a good ass they say. I`d say - be a badass, act like a badass 
and wear badass shoes :-D

Have I mentioned that I`ve had a thing for knitted trainers lately? Literally the last 4 shoes I`ve purchased were knitted. Bless fashion and modern tecnhologies.   

Stay fit, unique and let them Kiss Your Airs ;-)

2 also come in cool baby blue 
5 and many more 
6 love these black metallic Flyknit Theas you can style with the little black dress 
7 or go 'all black' with these ones 
8 if you`re more of an Air Max 90 person you`ll love these customisable Flyknits 

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